“Tommy Boy” Review


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/movie-film-roll-filmstrip-analog-3057394/

Colin Brace, Contributor

Tommy Boy” is one of the funniest films I have ever seen.

“Tommy Boy” is a film based in a small town, Sandusky, Ohio. The film starts off with the main character, Tommy, running to take his final test of his college career. After passing with a high-scoring D+,  he finally passes and graduates from college. From there, he flies home to Sandusky to see his father and is met by Richard, his father’s “right hand man.”  Richard drives Tommy back to his dad’s work, Callahan Auto, where Tommy is greeted by all the workers. One of my favorite scenes is while Richard is driving on the way to the plant because Tommy spills M&M’s all over Richard’s car.

When they get to the plant, Tommy meets up with his dad and shares a hug. Big Tom, Tommy’s dad, shows him to his new office. Big Tom says, “hurry up, I have something else to show you at the house.” When they get home, Tommy finds out that his dad is getting married and Tommy is going to have a brother. 

The day of the wedding, during the father son-concert they are performing, Big Tom collapses and sadly dies of a heart attack and leaves Tommy with the company and no one to help him keep Callahan Auto afloat, until Richard is chosen to go on a road trip and help Tommy sell enough brake pads to make enough money for the factory to stay alive. Their plan starts off a little bumpy, which brings up another one of my favorite scenes, when Tommy is explaining the brake pads and ends up setting a toy car on fire. After that, they eventually start selling more and more until they finally reach their goal and begin to head home. 

Then, Tommy’s step brother goes to the plant and deletes all the orders in the computers in an attempt to make Tommy lose business, so Tommy’s step brother and step mom could sell the business and get a bunch of money.  That’s when the real problems begin. 

In the end, it’s a great film and I love the improv from Chris Farley and David Spade.  I hope you can watch it and get a good laugh because I still laugh after watching it fifty times over.