Allerton Brings Expertise and Experience to Fairfield Town Library


Sarah Allerton

Brooke Holland, Editor

Starting on Dec. 14, 2021, The Bent Northrop Memorial Library, located in Fairfield, Vt. gained a new librarian: Sarah Allerton. 

Allerton is coming from her role as a Resource Officer for  Working Bridges, which is a program at United Way of Northwest Vermont where workers are connected with community resources, guiding them towards stability. 

When asked how she is doing with her transition into a new career, Allerton said “The community has been very welcoming, and I already feel right at home.”

Before Working Bridges, Allerton spent 18 years as the children’s librarian for the St. Albans Free Library. After this, she worked at St. Albans Town Educational Center’s school library for a year and a half. 

“I figure I did close to 2,000 story hours during [those 18 years] and a whole bunch of puppet shows that people still remind me about,” Allerton said.

Allerton was born in St. Albans and has spent most of her life here in Vermont. 

“After BFA, I went to UVM and got a B.S. in Geology. I worked in that field for six years after college but changed careers after starting a family and returning to St. Albans.” 

After earning her B.S. in Geology, she lived in Denver working for the U.S. Geological Survey. During this time, she met her husband, then not long after her son was born, she returned to Vermont.

“I’m really grateful for my deep roots in the community where much of my family is, and where I’ve spent about 4/5ths of my life,” Allerton said. 

Allerton has been a librarian for 20 years of her life, and for the past three years, she missed being in the library setting.

“I kept close tabs on the field and added to my skill set knowing that I wanted to eventually return. When I saw the opportunity to become the Director of the Bent Northrop Memorial Library, I just knew that it would be a great fit. Serving the Fairfield community in this way feels absolutely right.”

In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Vermont, Allerton has multiple certificates and experience. 

“I also have a Certificate of Public Librarianship, am a certified Community Resource Specialist, and most recently am finishing a Nonprofit Management Certificate,” Allerton said. 

As the Director of BNML, Allerton is responsible for the operation of the library. These responsibilities include managing the staff and volunteers, planning the programming for children and adults, managing the administration and budget, providing customer service in the library and maintaining the collection of the physical and digital materials.  

“I wear a lot of hats for sure.  There’s a lot to juggle,” Allerton said. 

So far, the aspect that Allerton enjoys the most about being the Director of BNML is interacting with children again. She is also honored to be trusted with her role in the Fairfield community. 

BNML’s assistant librarian, Wendy Maquera, spoke highly of Allerton:  “Sarah is an intelligent and creative dynamo. We are thrilled she chose to come to BNML with her talent, skills and enthusiasm. I’m truly excited to be able to work with her.”