BFA’s New English Teacher Behrsing: Happy to be at BFA

Kyle Behrsing

Kyle Behrsing

Anna Bouchard, Writer

Kyle Behrsing is one of Bellow Free Academy’s new English teachers.

Behrsing said he studied English at the University of Vermont and received his Master’s of Education at Southern New Hampshire University.

After his schooling, Behrsing worked as a teacher at Hazen Union High School for nine years before relocating with his family. 

When asked about why he chose BFA, Behrsing referenced the experience that he can gain from his current position. “There’s a lot of solid teachers [at BFA] who have been working here for a long time,” he said. “I can learn a lot [from them].” 

According to Behrsing, his classes consist of students from all grades as he teaches Reading and Writing Workshop, American Literature and Composition and Video Literature. His students from all classes have left him “pleasantly surprised” by their level of engagement and their strong work ethic. 

He also notes the passion students have for their interests at BFA. “There’s a lot of investment in clubs, sports teams and in general. I see a lot of students getting invested in different educational departments,” Behrsing said.

Behrsing’s own passions include hiking, skiing and soccer, all areas he hopes to help with during his time at BFA.

While he admits that he is still in the “honeymoon period,” he said he is confident that his time at BFA will be just as enjoyable as his first few weeks.