Homecoming Dance Cancelled: Why?


Alan Levine

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/26930916921

Evangelica Luneau, Writer

The Mercury met with Genevieve Laclair (’23), the Student Council Vice President, to discuss Bellows Free Academy’s Homecoming dance and find out why it was cancelled. 

Due to Covid restrictions, seniors, juniors and sophomores have never had a homecoming dance, and when finally given the opportunity, Laclair said BFA fell short on chaperones.

Natalie Powers (‘26) had the following to say about the dance’s cancellation: 

“I am very upset about homecoming being canceled. As a freshman, I have waited so long to go to this, and I was so excited to have a fun night with my friends dancing. Even though I don’t like to dress up, I was excited to have a fun night with all my friends.”

According to Laclair, homecoming plays a very important role in welcoming underclassmen to BFA. Laclair said it kicks off the school year in the right way and gets everyone connected. She even said that she met one of her best friends decorating the freshmen float.

Along with homecoming comes all the responsibilities. According to Laclair, if the students want a good homecoming, they get out what they put into it. She said that, in the future, the student council would have to be more one-on-one when asking teachers to chaperone. This year, the chaperone requests were a mass email, which was less attractive. In the past, each person in the student council would be assigned certain teachers to ask about chaperoning.

According to Laclair, the student council only needed a “few” more chaperones to have the event up and going.