Alek Wolfe
Alek Wolfe, (‘18), is a positive, caring and respectful young man constantly seen throughout the halls of Bellows Free Academy (BFA), chattering away with friends and goofing around to get some smiles and laughs. Wolfe was adopted when he was only six years old.  Wolfe's mother -who has an extreme fear of flying- courageously flew across the country to adopt the young Wolfe. Wolfe has multiple in-and-out of school hobbies that he enjoys, one of which being the world of sports -specifically basketball and hockey-. Wolfe has taken his passion for sports -and even though Wolfe is blind- does news broadcasting for many of BFA St.  Albans' games. Wolfe often times takes on challenges, pushing himself to the limit.   "I'm not afraid to do anything.  I always look at life as a journey and always look forward to whatever's next," Wolfe said. Wolfe looks to take his great attitude and perseverance to the BFA Mercury.

Alek Wolfe, Writer

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