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Aliviah Bechard
Before Aliviah Bechard went to before BFA she was a student at Lamoille for Middle school and for Elementary school she had went to Cambridge elementary.  

Some of her favorite hobbies are dancing, cheer-leading, and babysitting.  I had asked her, “What does she like about BFA?” she responded, “I like how there are a lot of classes, so you can get more credits for certain things and the teachers are more than willing to help with work.”

This is her junior year so I asked “What are her plans for her junior year?” she responded, “I hope to successfully pass medical professions so that I can move on to Med 2 and get my LNA and hope to go to Skills USA for medical.”  

She also has favorite teachers Mr. Hurteau and Mrs. Faas and they are part of the Technical center part of the medical profession program.

“Any goals or anything you plan to achieve this year?” she responded “Keep up my grades and go to skillsUSA.”  

“Any least favorite hobbies?” “My least favorite hobbies is like having to do chores. That’s a bust.”  I can agree who likes doing chores let’s be honest.

‘What are your favorite things to eat in the morning?” “Cereal, like fruity pebbles”

‘Do you play any sports?” “Yeah I do cheer-leading here, and then I do dance at Lamoille valley.”

Aliviah Bechard, Writer

Oct 02, 2018
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