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Haley Seymour
Haley Seymour is the first in her family to attend BFA and is originally from Burlington.

Her mother is her greatest influence to give everything her best shot because of the support she gives Haley.

When she gets out of high school, Seymour wants to be a journalist. Seymour has a love for writing poetry and “sometimes songs, even if they’re not that good.”

She was proud of herself when she won the Poetry Out Loud for her class and was able to go to the school-wide competition.

“I didn’t win. But, it really got me out of my comfort zone and I’m a lot more open about other things now,” Seymour said.

Though she wants to be a journalist, Seymour has more talents than just writing.

She remembers some of the words Ed Garrity, a speaker who visited BFA, spoke when he came to BFA her freshman year.   “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you make them feel,” Garrity said. Seymour lives by those words.

Seymour wants to use high school as a way to further her education and prepare herself for college. She wants to make sure she is fully prepared for her career but also have fun.




Haley Seymour, Editor In Training

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