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2018-2019 Staff

Kai Hemingway


Kai Hemingway (‘20) is an aspiring writer as well as a highly creative student. Hemingway is passionate about writing and reading, taking interest in the freedoms creative writing gives and the adventure reading gives. This...

Owen Biniecki


Owen Biniecki is an ambitious sophomore who really enjoys learning new things. His favorite subject is “definitely science!” Especially the area of genetic engineering is one of his biggest passions. “I guess my real intere...

Katharina Spöth


Katharina Spöth is a creative student interested in all things artistic from Cologne, Germany. I interviewed Katharina on September 6th to gain further insight into her life in and out of school and her transition from German ...

Elizabeth Pietras


Elizabeth Pietras (‘20) is a junior at Bellows Free Academy. Previously, she was homeschooled and in her own words is “quiet and creative." Journalism has been an interest of Pietras’ since she was very young,“I remem...

Morgan "Moh" Heth


Morgan Heth is a senior at BFA. She is a native Vermonter, and currently lives in Georgia, VT with her parents and four younger siblings. Heth has many relatives, including twenty-two cousins. Her family proves to be an amusing ...

Isaiah Cline


I interviewed Isaiah Cline on Thursday, September 6th. When we had our interview I had asked a couple of questions about himself, to get to know him better. He is a senior here at BFA St. Albans. Being a senior, some advice tha...

Karen McDaniel


Future zoologist, Karen McDaniel (‘19), is now a senior at Bellows Free Academy. McDaniel attended St. Albans Town Educational Center from third grade to eighth grade, which she thinks benefitted her in high school. ...

The Ghost Dog


The Ghost Dog, or "Ghostie", described by the police as a “large white malamute dog” has been wandering Saint Albans since January of 2018. The dog is most often seen on Lower Newton Road, but has been reported on Federal St...

Haley Seymour


Bellows Free Academy senior Haley Seymour wants to be a journalist professionally. “My biggest plan is to go to college for journalism or communications and then have a job in [that career],” Seymour said. After askin...

Julia Scott


Julia Scott (’19) is from St. Albans Town, Vermont. She lives with her parents Jennifer and Daniel and younger brother Owen. Her brother will be attending BFA in 5 academic years. Scott was exposed to the idea of Journalism...

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