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Owen Biniecki
Owen Biniecki is a Junior at BFA and is the Editor of the BFA Mercury due to his commitment and dedication to the Journalism class. As expected with someone who has now participated in two years of Journalism, Owen is a student who loves reading, writing, and staying in touch with politics and the outside world. 

When asked about his hobbies, passions, and uniquities a consistent trend ran among the three, reading and writing. However, Owen’s life branches into many more topics than just his academic enjoyments.

Owen was born, raised, and never lived anywhere besides Saint Albans. He grew up a mellow small town life as many members of Saint Albans had. 

Owen now spends his free time reading, going shopping with friends, and watching Madam Secretary, a political drama that he enjoys deeply. When watching this show it would be surprising to not catch him with his favorite combos, stating, 

“I love tea. Like really love tea. Tea is my favorite drink... I also am quite fond of Mac n’ Cheese,” Biniecki said.

Owen has a large portion of experience with writing and journalism. Having taken advanced English courses at BFA along with Journalism, he has since furthered his career in writing, through an internship.

“I was an intern for a website called and I’ve done a bit of writing for them… but nothing too major.”

 Owen’s been inspired by teachers such as Ms. Rico.

”How do you not love Mrs. Rico.” 

Rico has helped him narrow down some of his dreams and career ambitions such as wanting to become a geneticist.

He hopes to be remembered at the high school as someone who’s kind, honest, and helpful. Not only has he been a key member of journalism, but an important figure at BFA who hopes to be friends with anyone willing.

Owen Biniecki, Writer

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