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Morgan “Moh” Heth
Morgan Heth is a senior at BFA. She is a native Vermonter, and currently lives in Georgia, VT with her parents and four younger siblings. Heth has many relatives, including twenty-two cousins. Her family proves to be an amusing bunch. “My brother (Liam) is like.. Crazy. He has this plastic chainsaw, and one day he kicked my door open [while I was sleeping] and said ‘I’m gonna ratchet you!’”

Her interest in journalism, she says, is a result of her ambitious attitude: “I’ve decided that I want to do, like, everything, so journalism might as well be one of them.” In addition to writing for the Mercury, Heth runs on the BFA cross country team, is part of BFA's dance team, has acted in the “Junior Jamboree,” and has even tried engineering, taking a class through the Tech Center. “I made it through being the only girl… that was rough.” She also, in her free time, gardens; Flowers have a special place in her heart. “Daisies are probably my favorite.”

Heth describes herself in two words: “ignorantly optimistic.” Her philosophy is that everything often works out on it’s own, all that is needed is patience and a positive attitude.

A current issue that she is particularly passionate about is America’s highly controversial immigration policy. “The wall… like that just doesn’t make sense to me, it’s almost like taking a step back.”

Heth wants her readers to know that “if I am glaring at them in the hallway, I’m not actually glaring at them… it’s just the hallways.”


Morgan "Moh" Heth, Writer

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Morgan “Moh” Heth