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Celebrating Student Press Freedom Day!
Plunging into action

February 11, 2019

On Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019, many students and community members around Vermont,...

New district string teacher at MRUSD

January 14, 2019

The Maple Run Unified School District has been lucky enough to have a strong...

Education or aggravation?

January 14, 2019

As the holiday season comes to an end, exams are just around the corner, leading...

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The safety of BFA
Integration for the BFA commUNITY

January 14, 2019

For over twenty years the club Unified Sports enriched BFA to give everybody...

Positivity resulting in reward at BFA

January 14, 2019

Any student who has attended BFA and drives themselves knows student parking...

The silent epidemic

December 18, 2018

All BFA students can attest to the fact that being a teenager isn’t easy....

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French on duty
Spanish equals Salemno
Science with Mr. Brown
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Tradition Like No Other
BFA Student Mason Mashtare Shares His Homemade Movie Productions

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