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Video Games: Just a Game or a Great Work of Art?

Maxwill Westen, Contributor January 18, 2023

What is art? When someone sees that word, they often think of something like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” or Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” but the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines art as “the conscious...

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Can Restorative Justice Promote Healing and Reintegration to Lower the Recidivism Rate?

McKenna McWilliams  , Contributor January 18, 2023

The following was written for an assignment in Jeff Moulton's Sociology of Crime Course: Compelling Question: Can restorative justice promote healing and reintegration to lower the recidivism rate?  In...

Student Town Hall with Bernie Sanders
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A Student’s Perspective on the BFA Bernie Sanders Forum

Cooper O'Connell, Editor December 20, 2022

On 18 Nov., Bellows Free Academy hosted a student town hall forum featuring Senator Bernie Sanders as the guest speaker. Sanders reached out to BFA administrators about visiting after meeting students...

Results from the student music survey.

Music Has A Place In The School Ecosystem

Brendan Conley, Contributor November 12, 2022

Music has a place in the school ecosystem, more specifically in the classroom. I see students all the time with earbuds in or headphones on, I assume with their favorite tunes on full blast. I see it in...

Elora Menard presents her speech at the Veterans Day ceremony.  Photo credit: Paxton Getty

What Can We Learn From Veterans 

Elora Menard, Contributor November 11, 2022

This is a speech that Elora Menard ('23) prepared and presented at the 2022 Saint Albans' Veterans' Day Ceremony at Taylor Park. I came from a military family, my brother, my grandfather, my cousins,...

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“14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible” Film Review

Maya Frost, Contributor November 11, 2022

“14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible '' is a thrilling documentary released on Netflix Nov. 29, 2021 and filmed in 2019. It is directed by Torquil Jones and produced by John McKenna, Drew Masters and Catherine...

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Cell Phones Should be Allowed in the Classroom for Educational Purposes

Joseph Freiberger, Contributor October 21, 2022

When I walk into a class for the first time in a semester or the beginning of the year, I'm always hoping that the teacher doesn't have a caddy for cell phones hanging on the back of the door or somewhere...

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What Makes a Good Teacher

Lyla Rouleau, Contributor October 19, 2022

When I walk into a classroom, like a lot of other students, I expect the teacher to greet me. Whether it's a quick,  “hello” or “how are you?” The importance is that at least one person throughout...

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Pluto: the Ninth Planet. Or is it?

Nicholas Bosley, Contributor October 18, 2022

Almost a century ago we discovered Pluto, and it still hasn't made a full orbit around the sun. Is Pluto really a planet?   Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto, the ninth planet in our solar system. He...

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Maya Frost, Contributor October 18, 2022

We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness” and heard about the countless celebrities still dealing with anxiety and depression despite their bank accounts. Although I am quick to agree...

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Should Esports Be Considered A Sport?

Brendan Conley, Contributor October 18, 2022

Video Games are first and foremost a source of entertainment, designed to engage the player for extended periods of time. Video games provide a little bit of something for everyone; there are games focused...

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Is There a Rise in Mental Illness Due to Technology and Social Media?

Alexis Dragon-Greeno, Writer October 17, 2022

The decline in mental health has had a significant rise within the past decade, and I blame social media. Teens and young adults are living on the internet. Research by The American Psychological Association...

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