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Student Perspective: Culmination Week

Rachel Ledoux, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2024

This is a part of a Student Perspective column by Rachel Ledoux. In Jan. 2024, for the first time in years, all Bellows Free Academy students partook in Culmination Week - also known as ‘Midterms.’...

Should Bellows Free Academy have both School Safety Workers and School Resource Officers?

Hazel Starr, Contributor June 13, 2023

The following is from an assignment in Jeff Moulton's Sociology of Crime class: Should Bellows Free Academy (BFA) have both School Safety Workers (SSW’s) and School Resource Officers (SRO’s)? If...

Paul Bouchard with Lynda

The Perfect Teacher for a Wanderlust Daughter

Lynda Bouchard, Contributor May 18, 2023

Having your father teach at the same high school you attend is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you will always make it to school on time. The curse? You always make it to school on time. ...

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Revolver Album Review

Jakob Birnbaum, Writer May 13, 2023

In 1966 The Beatles released one of the most important albums ever that was different from everything before it. Up to 1965, the Beatles’ first five albums were similar in structure with both catchy...

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IDK – F65 Review

River Dalley, Writer May 12, 2023

I first heard of Maryland rapper Jason Aaron Mills, known professionally as IDK, through hearing one of his songs on Soundcloud a couple of years ago. I decided to check out his most recent album at the...

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American Gods Book Review

Luke Holcomb, Writer May 11, 2023

American Gods is a fantasy novel published on June 19, 2001 by Neil Gaiman. It follows Shadow, a man recently released from his three-year prison term after his wife died in a car accident. On his...

From left:  Leah Branon (´20), mother Candi Branon, Hannah Branon (´23) and Andrew (Drew) Branon (7)

To All Moms…Thank you!

Hannah Branon May 10, 2023

“[Motherly] instincts are to care for the old, the sick and those in need. Our mothers, sisters and daughters share a core value of caring for others,” PeaceWoman wrote.  Mother’s Day is celebrated...

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Alice: Madness Returns Game Review

Auguste Kaeding, Contributor April 20, 2023

Set in the darker side of the Victorian Era, Alice: Madness Returns is a haunting hack-and-slash game made in 2011. The game is a sequel to American McGee’s Alice and is directed by American McGee. First...

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Andor Review

Benjamin Birnbaum, Contributor April 20, 2023

Andor is the Star Wars series I didn’t know I wanted, but I’m thrilled that I got to watch it. Disney + has been cranking out Star Wars live-action series since 2019, with Disney’s release of The...

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“You Rule. Jingles” by Burger King Album Review

River Dalley, Writer April 19, 2023

If you told me a year ago that I would be writing a serious, honest review of a Burger King jingle album, I would’ve called you crazy. But here we are. Let me preface this: this “album” barely...

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The Paper Mario Spiritual Successor You’ve Been Looking For- “Bug Fables” Game Review

Jakob Birnbaum, Writer April 19, 2023

[Minor Spoiler Warning] Since Nintendo released Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in 2004, the series has gotten progressively worse to the point that fans have been looking for a spiritual successor...

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A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World Review

Luke Holcomb, Writer April 18, 2023

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World, by Charlie Fletcher, is a dystopian fiction novel written and published on April 23, 2019. The story follows our main character, Griz, many years following...

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