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Video Games are a Form of Art

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January 15, 2021

The arts are centered around many forms such as film, writing and the fine arts, which deal with drawing, or painting, but one form of art that is sometimes overlooked by many is video games.  On April...

Your Mental Health is Just as Important as Your Physical Health

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January 14, 2021

Prosthetics can replace an arm or an eye. Medical oxygen can help you breathe. But there is nothing to replace your brain. This is your one and only brain, and you must take care of it. Your mental health...

What it Means to be a Vermonter

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January 12, 2021

During the long winter darkness, there is nothing better than circling around the wood stove and asking questions like, “Why is it so hot in here, or where did I put my barn boots?”  Sometimes the...

Why Baseball is Losing Popularity Across the Nation

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January 11, 2021

Baseball has been a part of American culture for 151 years and is still going. Baseball has gone through exciting and important changes, not only for the sport itself but the nation as a whole: for instance,...

Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?

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January 11, 2021

According to the source Pew Charitable Trusts, only 31% of small police departments have the funds to provide body cameras for their officers. Body-Worn Cameras, or BWCs, provide the community and law...

Is Amazon Becoming Too Powerful?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
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January 10, 2021

Amazon. If you don’t know what it is by now, you’re most likely hiding from the government in a secret bunker somewhere. If you are this kind of person, let me explain. Inc. is an American...

Should Video Games be Remastered and Redesigned?

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January 10, 2021

There is always that one game that you played as a kid, which you wish to play again yet aren’t able to because the game console it used to be played on you don’t have, or you don’t have the disk. ...

How Love Affects One’s Ability to Adapt to Changes and Reflect on Who They Are as a Person

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January 10, 2021

How does love affect one’s ability to adapt to changes and reflect on who they are as a person? How can you tell whether you really love a person? Love is a complicated, yet meaningful, word and is...

Should Students Have the Ability to Evaluate Their Teachers?
January 7, 2021

Almost every high school student will admit that the school year is overwhelming one way or another. As teenagers, trying to balance seven classes worth of homework, extracurricular activities and the...

Let’s Cut the Term “Female Athlete”

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January 6, 2021

The term “female athlete” needs to sit the bench, or altogether be cut from the team. Despite it seeming like an innocent descriptor, it is a label that drags down the accomplishments of women in sports....

Pit Bulls Need Love, Too

Snuggly Pitbull Hudson Photo Credit: Mariah Draper
December 7, 2020

According to Love-a-Bull, “The ‘pit’ in Pit Bull comes from ratting as the rats were placed into a pit so that they could not escape.” Pit Bulls are seen as aggressive attack dogs. When walking...

What Makes Veterans Special? How Do We Honor Them?

Lianna St. Francis's grandfather, Robert Hilliker 
Photo credit: Val Hilliker
November 10, 2020

What makes veterans special? They serve to protect us as a country, and they serve to protect their loved ones. By definition, a person who has once served in the U.S. Armed Forces is a veteran. However,...

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