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The Record Club
Photo credit: Penelope Noza

Gettin’ Groovy with BFA’s New Record Club

Mackenzie Smith, Writer November 16, 2022

BFA has a groovy Record Club that meets after school on Tuesdays in the Hideaway from 3-4:30 p.m. According to the Record Club adviser, Dino Patsouris, who is also the Outreach Coordinator for Northwest...

What’s New About The N.E.W.S?

What’s New About “The N.E.W.S?”

River Dalley, Writer November 15, 2022

New Entertaining Watchable Stuff, also known as "The N.E.W.S" is a program made by Northwest Career and Technical Center’s Digital Media program.  Now that the new school year has begun, the Digital...

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Last Total Lunar Eclipse for the Next 3 Years Happened on Nov. 8

Nick Bosley, Contributor November 11, 2022

Unless you were up at 3 a.m. on Nov. 8, you missed the last total lunar eclipse until 2025. Early in the morning on Nov. 8, the moon, the sun and the earth lined up to form a total lunar eclipse. A lunar...

The BFA marching band in the Veterans Day parade. Photo credit: Larissa Hebert

2022 Veterans’ Day Parade and Ceremony

Rachel Ledoux, Editor November 11, 2022

On Friday, Nov. 11, Bellows Free Students students gathered with dozens of other St. Albans community members and stood in Taylor Park for an hour to honor Vermont’s many veterans with the annual St....

BFAs Well-Minded Group

BFA’s Well-Minded Group

Anna Bouchard, Writer November 10, 2022

Ashlie Czelatka, a social worker at Bellows Free Academy, is now the advisor for a new program: The Well-Minded Group.  When asked by The Mercury why she wanted to create the group, Czelatka said,...

BFA String Festival 2022
Photo credit: Penelope Noza

BFA Hosts Second String Festival

Patricia Noza, Writer November 10, 2022

On Nov. 2, Bellows Free Academy hosted its second-ever String Festival since April of 2019.  According to BFA music teacher Eric Bushey, the String Festival began as a way for string ensembles of the...

Armand Messier
Photo credit: River Dalley

How Armand Messier Makes Student Music Videos

River Dalley, Writer November 9, 2022

Armand Messier’s primary role at Bellows Free Academy is being a teacher, teaching classes such as chorus, Piano Lab and Music Theory. However, Messier also has a much different side gig: making music...

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Transgender-Inclusive Colleges

Luke Holcomb, Writer November 7, 2022

Ten years ago, you probably would nott have seen any articles or news outlets covering transgender inclusivity in colleges. In fact, the first college to include a policy accepting trans and non-binary...

Rehearsal of The Addams Family
Photo credit: Penelope Noza

BFA’s Fall Drama Production Preview: “The Addams Family”

Patricia Noza, Writer November 4, 2022

Are you ready for Bellows Free Academy's fall musical: "The Addams Family?" Each year the BFA Theater Company performs a musical for audiences.  “The Addams Family” musical tells the story of love...

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New Kaiju Kitchen Restaurant Tour

Asher Ballantine, Digital Media November 1, 2022

Photo credit: Hippopx

The BFA Locker Showdown: Where’s the Best Spot?

River Dalley, Writer October 28, 2022

In a school as big as Bellows Free Academy, there are plenty of lockers that students can stop at to store and retrieve their items during the school day. But where’s the spot, the cream of the crop,...

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