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The BFA Beat

Bella Bonasera, Writer April 14, 2021

On March 31, the BFA Voice Committee met once again. The first topic that came up was about getting classes together either during the summer or at the beginning of next school year, specifically the incoming...

It’s Time to Show Your School Spirit In BFA’s Spring Spirit Week

It’s Time to Show Your School Spirit In BFA’s Spring Spirit Week

Charlotte Pierce, Writer April 11, 2021

With spring blossoming around us, Bellows Free Academy’s Student Council decided to hold a Spirit Week to show some school pride.  “I hope that spirit week will bring some excitement and fun back...

MaryEllen Tourville teaches one of her English classes.  Photo credit:  Larissa Hebert

How BFA English Teachers Have Evolved with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Owen Biniecki, Editor April 1, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year through the COVID-19 pandemic has been rife with monotony, fear, anxiety and adaptation to the surreal circumstances the world has managed to find itself in. Coronavirus, if...

Hard’ack’s New Greg Brown Lodge

Adelyne Collin, Writer March 31, 2021

Maintained by the Saint Albans Recreation Department, Hard’ack is a small non-profit public forest park, which was established as early as 1965.  Over the years, hiking paths, frisbee golf, a sledding...

The BFA Beat

The BFA Beat

Bella Bonasera, Writer March 30, 2021

In the summer of 2020, BFA’s principal, Brett Blanchard, invited each class’s President and Vice President (and some members of the Athletic Council) to give input at a meeting concerning issues that...

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Juvenile Incarceration

Owen Biniecki, Editor March 28, 2021

The United States of America is the world leader in prison, incarcerating 2,121,600 people at the time of this 2018 study by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research. According to this 2015 study by...

Left to right:  Kaya Hudak ('22), club advisor Pete Symula, Isabella Williams ('22), Sophia Williams ('24), Christopher Gilmond ('22), Kate Reilly ('22), Even Desautels ('21), Yukina Benjamin ('22), Connor Powell ('22), Aylah Vickery ('22)
Not pictured: Penelope Noza ('24)
Photo credit: Isabella Williams

Raving Robotics with Symula

Caitlyn Mossey, Writer March 23, 2021

Bellows Free Academy's Robotics Club, advised by BFA Design Technology teacher Pete Symula, has been running for the last seven years, and it is held from October until March. During this time, students...

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Mental Health Resources for BFA Students

Ashley Seymour, Writer March 22, 2021

It all started on March 13, 2020, when Governor Phil Scott declared a state of emergency to prevent Covid-19 from Vermont residents. Here we are over a year later with Covid-19 affecting some people not...

From left: BFA math teacher Nicole Schubert purchases popcorn from Ellen and Bob Gissel. Karla Kane (far right) helped co-organize the event.  Photo credit:  Rachel Ledoux

Boosters’ “Signature” Popcorn Sales Event

Rachel Ledoux, Writer March 21, 2021

The connector between BFA’s two buildings has been a bit of a hotspot these past few Friday afternoons, with many students crowding around the main entrance. The reason? BFA’s "famous" Boosters' Popcorn....

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Flexible Pathways: How Students May Broaden Their Horizons

Georgia Casavant, Writer March 19, 2021

BFA students, did you know that your school schedule does not need to be limited to seven core classes? There are various opportunities offered at BFA that may broaden your horizons.   BFA’s Liam...

Karah White ('21) records her senior solo.  Photo credit:  Armand Messier

Chorus During Covid

Bella Bonasera, Writer March 15, 2021

Covid. Covid. Covid. That seems to be all that we have been talking about for over a year now, and for good reason, too. The entire world got shut down last spring and with it the possibility of making...

Club advisers and Blue group student members of BFA's Social Justice Club.  From left: Lauren Liberatore (adviser), Rachel Ledoux ('24), Adelyne Collin ('22), Elio Haag ('23), Alyssa Gerrish ('23), David Rider (adviser), Claire Johnson ('23) and Nicole Schubert (adviser).
Photo credit:  Jenny Parent:

Social Justice has Arrived at BFA

Adelyne Collin, Writer March 10, 2021

With surrounding school districts encouraging social justice clubs and the flying of various flags such as the Black Lives Matter and gay pride flag, Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans has had little involvement...

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