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Gender Studies class watching how gender is portrayed through advertisements. 

Photo Credit: Leeza Kusmit

Gender Studies at BFA

Hannah Branon, Contributor March 24, 2023

Gender Studies, which can be found under the social studies course list in Bellows Free Academy’s Program of Studies, is an elective option for students of sophomore, junior or senior standing. The course,...

BFA´s Improv Team performs at Twiggs
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BFA’s Improv Team Performs to Full House at Twiggs

Madison Gagner, Contributor March 24, 2023

Every table was packed with people in the back room at Twiggs on March 13 to watch Bellows Free Academy’s Improv Team perform.  It was the first show the team had performed since before the pandemic. The...

Polly Rico

Rico to Become BFA’s Newest Principal: From a “Department of Few” to a “Department of Many”

Luke Holcomb, Writer March 10, 2023

Since the announcement of his retirement by the current Bellows Free Academy principal, Brett Blanchard, there has been some anticipation about who will fill his shoes.  That person is Polly Rico, who...

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Quizlet’s Shift to Quizlet Plus

Jessica Southwick, Writer February 24, 2023

Quizlet is a learning site that uses premade sets of terms and definitions that help you study. Almost all students know about it, and many students use it to memorize important concepts from class or...

Poetry Out Loud Video 2023

Brendan Conley, Digital Media February 21, 2023

Nelson LaBombard (25), Oli Newhall (26), Robbie Gilding (26) at this years Latin Day. Photo credit: Lydia Batten

Students Celebrate Latin at UVM Latin Day

Isma Rashid, Writer February 21, 2023

What is Latin Day at the University of  Vermont? Created by the UVM Classics Department, Latin Day has continued to be celebrated for the last 45 years as a way to recognize Latin and Greek culture and...

Suzetta Chiappinelli (23) participates in the 2022 POL BFA competition.  Photo credit: Dino Patsouris

Poetry Out Loud Returns for ’23

Zoe Walent, Writer February 9, 2023

Poetry Out Loud has been a tradition at BFA for many years and continues to be a creative outlet for many students at Bellows Free Academy.  Poetry Out Loud is an opportunity for students to engage...

Harvie Corrigan
Photo credit: Katie Leclerc

Corrigan Welcomes Baby Girl

Mackenzie Smith, Writer January 26, 2023

Kristin Corrigan, a Bellows Free Academy science teacher, has recently given birth to a baby girl. Corrigan said that the baby was named Harvie after her grandfather. When she was born, Harvie only weighed...

Student Town Hall with Bernie Sanders
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BFA Students Reflect on Bernie Sanders’s Town Hall

Rachel Ledoux, Editor January 11, 2023

On Nov. 18 2022, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders visited Bellows Free Academy to conduct a Town Hall with students. According to Principal Brett Blanchard, Sanders’s team reached out to the BFA administration...

Photo credit: Jessica Southwick

What Would You Do With $10,000?

River Dalley, Writer January 9, 2023

If your school administration was given $10,000 to spend, and the only rule was that they had to put the money towards benefitting student life, what investments would you want them to make? Bellows Free...

Leah Fitzgerald (24)

Leah Fitzgerald (‘24): A Representative for the Student Population

River Dalley, Writer January 4, 2023

When assembling a school board, it is essential to include student voices in decision-making in order to assure student happiness within the community. Bellows Free Academy students have been given this...

NCTCś Public Safety Classroom 
Photo credit: Ivy Hoang

NCTC Shifts Focus from Fire Services to Law Enforcement

Rebekah Dalmer, Writer December 29, 2022

Bellows Free Academy recently hired three School Safety Officers (SSO) in place of the previous School Resource Officer (SRO) Corporal Kristine Koch. However, you may have seen Koch and her smiling dog...

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