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Living Red in a Blue State

Robert Ide skiing with his granddaughters
Photo Credit:  Robert Ide
January 6, 2021

Robert Ide is an 8th generation Vermonter who grew up in Danville, Vt., near the Connecticut River. Years later, while Ide was a part of the Vermont Senate, a friend of his, who was teaching at a high...

BFA Theater Department’s New Student-Led Venture

The writers' team meets over Zoom to discuss the final edits of their film script. Top row left to right: Emily Parent (22'), Madi Gagner (23'), and Connor Powell (22'). Bottom row left to right: Rebekah Dalmer (23'), Charlotte Pierce (23') and Emily Farrell (23'). Photo credit: Emily Parent
December 16, 2020

It’s no secret that after-school enrichment programs have been hit hard by the worldwide pandemic of 2020. Many activities within BFA have had to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing regulations put in...

Q&A: UVM College Republicans Discuss Persistent Challenges on Pursuing the Conservative Perspective

Franklin Cody and Delaney Courcelle campaigning for Republican candidates
December 14, 2020

Since the presidential election in 1992, Vermont has always voted for the Democratic party. This is especially true for young Vermonters to a point where next-generation conservatives are considered a...

What it Means to be a Bobwhite or Comet

The BFA Football Team at a 2019 Homecoming Game.
Photo Credit: Jennifer Parent
December 7, 2020

Here at Bellows Free Academy, our mascots are the Comets and the Bobwhites, but they are more than just symbols of our athletics. It means a lot more to be a Comet or a Bobwhite, and green and gold run...

Coronavirus Compels College Application Stress

Colin Jolley ('21) and Peter Jolley ('21)  tediously fill out the Common Application. 
Photo Credit: Alisa Aylward
December 4, 2020

Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic to a certain degree, but for high school seniors, the pandemic has an added stress: how and where to apply for college. Students have certainly been hit hard...

Remote Learning at its Finest: An Inside Look at a Virtual Reality

A typical day of teaching in a virtual classroom
Photo Credit:  Jennifer Hindes
October 19, 2020

Jennifer Hindes, a teacher in the Missisquoi Valley School District, would normally be reading Warp Speed aloud to her sixth-grade class after lunch. This year, she’s recording read alouds, emailing...

COVID coverage – BFA comments

COVID coverage - BFA comments
June 1, 2020

Mercury ​ writer Helen Simmons decided to explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite all of the many reasons not to, like how hard it is to interview people, etc. Her driving question: ​What...

The uncertain future of Vermont schools

The uncertain future of Vermont schools
May 16, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to spread across the United States, everyone is affected in some way. Vermont is no exception to this pandemic and its colleges are being hit hard. Vermont’s status as a less...

Summer Vacation in: COVID-19 the Musical

Summer Vacation in: COVID-19 the Musical
May 6, 2020

Due to the current pandemic and its effect on all of our lives, I thought a more light-hearted, casual story would be more appropriate for this cycle. This story will contain many of my personal opinions,...

Engineering a feel good moment

Engineering a feel good moment
March 5, 2020

Many students across the country ask themselves when school classes will play into the real world. Liam Rocheleau (‘20) was one of many students who asked themselves this very question. When the parents...

Matilda is a story for all ages!

Matilda is a story for all ages!
December 9, 2019

Matilda the Musical is an amazing show about Matilda Wormwood, a miracle child, and her journey through a troubled family life, a frightful headmistress, an exceptional teacher and the emergence of strange,...

Screen Time on Your Mind?

Screen Time on Your Mind?
December 5, 2019

You’re at home, feeling stressed, doing your homework. Your phone vibrates. Feeling a ridiculous urge you check the fresh notification. The screen reflects a message from social media which puts you...

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