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Evan Charbonneau
Evan Charbonneau is a 17 year old and attends BFA. In the past he has attended St. Albans Town School, St. Albans City and now, BFA. His hometown, of course is St. Albans. 

When asked who he looked up Evan responded with; “Probably my dad and my grandfather, The men in my family.” 

When asked about his hobbies, he said “I like to play baseball, hanging out with my friends, play basketball, outdoor stuff really.” 

When asked a few more questions like why he took Journalism, Evan had said “I like writing and it just sounded interesting,” Evan also added “And I love Mr. Riegelman”

Evan’s favorite color is sky blue and his favorite food is chicken alfredo. 

When asked what his plans were after high school Evan said “probably a four year university somewhere.” 

Evan Charbonneau, Writer

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Evan Charbonneau