Working With Wildlife

Working With Wildlife

Alek Wolfe, Writer

BFA prides itself on great appreciation for our athletes, scholars and musicians. However, students who do great things outside of school are an important, but less talked about part of the BFA community. Jessie Casey...  Read More »

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Bustling Business at BFA

Bustling Business at BFA

Ashley LaBelle, Writer

“They aren’t afraid to take risks, because failure is only temporary,” Business Department teacher Barbara Fraser said. Teaching students that accepting failure to achieve success is only a small part of what the B...  Read More »

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Snow days; a blessing or a curse?

Snow days; a blessing or a curse?

Keiona Fulton, Writer

Every student, from their first days of school till graduation, loves having a snow day. The white cold snow covering all that is in sight. But what happens after that? Do you have an extra day of school on top of that...  Read More »

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Leaders are made, not born

Leaders are made, not born

Ambyr Wagner, Writer

Many people have a wish to be more confident in themselves and become a leader. Either in their friend group, home, community or elsewhere. BFA’s Leadership class, with their teacher Mary Brouillette, provides students...  Read More »

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BFA Student Mason Mashtare Shares His Homemade Movie Productions

VT Senator Patrick Leahy on World Happenings

  • Survey Results Show More Female Depression

    The Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey is a survey administered statewide to all high school students. The results can be broken down by county. The c...

  • Not “A” Distraction?

    Not “A” Distraction?

  • Parking Predicament

    Despite the endless amount of cars lining the streets and filling the parking lots of local businesses, Bellows Free Academy (BFA) has still not addre...

  • Honest Hillary?

    Throughout her time in politics, Hillary Clinton has struggled with being honest to the American people. Her honesty problem has escalated to the poin...

  • Books: cornucopia of knowledge

    Books are one of the oldest ways of sharing knowledge between all humans. Since the Sumerians wrote the first text down on clay tablets, this has been...

  • Speaking poetry: needed or no

      It’s that time of year again, when students all around the country gather in their individual schools and begin putting poems to memory fo...

  • Delay the start of the school day

    Schools all around the country are coming to the same realization. Teenagers need sleep. As a result of this realization, many schools are pushing ba...

  • Cell phones: a blessing or curse?

    In recent years, the accessibility of portable devices, like cell phones, has skyrocketed to the point where most everybody has one. A study made by t...

  • Language spotlight

    The language department at BFA is one of the many departments in the school. The department covers French, German, Latin and Spanish. Traditionally, t...

  • Political socialization: who cares?

    Of all of the many stresses of high school, politics is probably in the back of one's mind. However, adopting a political ideal is very important for ...

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