2,500 hours+ of Community Service

CJ Brown, Writer

BFA seniors have numerous things to focus on at once. Among these things to focus on, seniors have to meet the requirements for class credits and final exams. However, there is one that is less recognized than the rest.

Community service is vitally important for graduation.

As a matter of fact, BFA students need at least ten documented hours to graduate. The individual organizing this, Geoff Murray, is current Director of Community Service.

“I collect all of the proposals and completion forms from all the seniors and input the data into our database. And I approve everybody’s community service,” Murray said.

This is Murray’s first year as director. Mr. Murray took over from the previous director, Larry Trombley. Trombley was the director of the program since 1990. Trombley as the leader of the organization from its inception, until his retirement in 2015.

“This is my first year. I’ve got big shoes to fill. I think I’m doing alright,” Murray said.

An important and recurring question has been raised as to whether or not 10 hours is enough volunteer hours for seniors.

Arguments have been made for both sides whether it’s not enough hours or just enough. 

I think 10 is pretty good because when you put it all together and you have two hundred and fifty seniors all doing 10 hours, that’s 2500 hours plus in one year of community service that our seniors at BFA do, so that’s a substantial amount of time

— Geoff Murray

“I think 10 is pretty good because when you put it all together and you have two hundred and fifty seniors all doing 10 hours, that’s 2500 hours plus in one year of community service that our seniors at BFA do, so that’s a substantial amount of time,” Murray said.

Currently, the window of time seniors have to complete the 10 hours of service begins in the summer of senior year, and ends precisely on June 1.

Even with community service being a requirement at BFA, it is often times enjoyed by the majority of students.

“We have students that have done forty plus hours, a couple students have over a hundred hours, so the figure of 2500 hours for the year is probably the minimum,” Murray said.

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, a study found that getting involved in volunteer work in the community for at least four hours boosts both physical health, and
contributes to creating a good mood in participants. By involving themselves in the community, seniors are not only helping themselves, but also helping the residents in the community.

Certain locations are much more popular for seniors to complete their hours than others.

“A lot of the senior girls participate in the Powder Puff football game. That’s a big one some of the football players as well. Humane Society is a popular organization to work for. Around the holidays Operation Happiness. General work for churches is another popular one. The local homeless shelters,” Murray said.

For seniors, community service should be a time of realizing what the community is capable of. It should also allow them to have experiences that the students normally would not encounter. Community service is an experience where students learn in the present, but could result in learning skills that will guide them throughout their entire lives.