How much time is left


Gabe Friz-Trillo , Writer

Being a student is always tough. There is always that one more essay, that one more question, that one more minute until the bell. All those ones can pretty quickly add up until they start to pile up.

Aside from the tasks that are given out during the school day, what about after school? Where students are able to have a little more flexibility to their schedules. In this time where electronics have made leaps and bounds compared to the last 20 years.

With online media easily becoming a student’s go to for a getaway. A poll, done by The Nielsen Company, estimated Generation Z, BFA’s current students, with around 49% of them watch Video on Demand at very least daily.

With the only other group coming close was the Millennials, college age students, who narrowly lost at 48%.

Even more surprising was that a report done by Geoffrey Graybeal, an assistant professor of practice for the College of Media and Communications, estimated that nine out of ten college students that use such services daily.

However, how does any of this pertain to current BFA students? A poll recently conducted at BFA received by 55 individual answered out of a student body of about 1,200; which is less than one percent of the total student population.

What it did give was a wide range of students from all grade levels and some pretty interesting information. If assuming that the average student is at school for the entire time, a rounded total of seven hours and gets the recommended eight hours of sleep that leaves them with nine hours left in the day.

With those remaining nine hours students have four choices; homework, extracurricular, working, or free time.

The first category, homework, had students reporting that they spend anywhere from an hour to three hours on homework during a school night with what they described as a moderate workload. Now stating that homework is about two hours for the average student in order to make it easier for the basic subtraction there are now seven hours left.

Those students that spend time after school with extracurricular activities have even less time, whether they are working on sports, drama, clubs, and etc. While many of these activities aren’t daily, students are looking at about six or so hours a school week staying after school in some sort. With that it is about an average of one and a half hours a day at school; now there is less than six hours left.

In the modern era, money is a pretty nice thing to have, whether for saving or spending, but there it is pretty hard to earn money doing nothing even more so for a student. About 36% of the students that complete the poll stated that currently they are employed in some degree.

For those that work after school, you can kiss those sweet hours goodbye as there is about two hours left in your day.

Now, not everyone is going to have this full of a schedule, even those that work usually do not work every single day, however these numbers do give a rough estimate of how everything falls into place.

In the end, while the average student lifestyle may seem simple, it is pretty compact with all the activities running amok and with the few moments that they are able take a breather are, theoretically, pretty short.