Spring Swing


Julia Remillard, Writer

As the snow starts to melt and the sun starts to shine people all around are starting to break out those sandals and shorts. Spring is typically a time when you throw out the old and bring in the new, which means it’s time for a style update.

With the world of fashion changing almost daily it’s important to be current with trends. Using social media, like Instagram, is a great way to do so. Some fashion related accounts on instagram are @dresses_up and @struckbyfashion, these two accounts give style tips and up to date looks.

Spring like the other seasons has it’s own unique feel to it, and luckily Spring is a great time to try new things. Marnie Walsh suggested trying a loose fitted t-shirt dress which can be found on sale at GAP, or the woven strappy paisley dress from American Eagle. Pairing those with cork faux suede heels from gojane.com, and a cute breezy cardigan of your choice will give the outfit extra flare.

Heaven Collins outfit tip was something fun and airy. “A sundress, or a blouse with a skirt,”and the store she suggested was Kohl’s. The gored scuba skater skirt from Kohl’s which comes in red, blue, and even floral prints. To go with the skirt there is the slubbed v-neck tee from Kohl’s, and pair that with any cardigan or jean jacket. Any shoe could work for this outfit, I suggest some cute sneakers like vans, or converse.

The third and final look is a more casual and comfortable option. The look picked, is the romantic lace midi tank and the relaxed plaid shirt in blue from Garage, paired with beige cut-out booties from Go Jane.

This look can also be made at home by finding any simple pair of high rise jeggins, and pair them with a flannel and slightly cropped top.

Those three looks are fun, current, and reflect Spring, but don’t be afraid to try and mix and match some cool pieces to make your own unique spring style.