Sargent a “Commanding” Presence at BFA


Ashley LaBelle, Mercury Writer

Roy Sargent, a 32 year old originally from New Hampshire, has found a home in the BFA CIP community.

The Community Integration Program (CIP), has been lucky enough to have Sargent with them for two short years, and hopefully many more to come.

Sargent has always had an interest in history, which he dove into at Timberlane High School.

Sargent then went to Essex Community College for two years, and moved onto New England College, where he finished out his college years playing baseball.

Sargent is currently finishing out his graduate school at New England college, which he wishes to be finished with this spring.

“I have a daughter that’s seven months old and a son that’s three and a half, so they keep me busy,” Sargent said.

An accomplishment of Sargent’s is coaching the MVU boys baseball team.

“In 2011 we won the state championship, so that’s a big accomplishment related to baseball, which is a big hobby of mine,” Sargent said.

Sargent later showed his thanks to the individuals who guided him to that point of success.

“I’ve been really lucky to have a lot of good people that I’ve trained with. There were two teachers who I student taught with, and I was lucky to learn through them, and that put me on a good path with having good understanding on what the job is like,” Sargent said.

An influential teacher of Sargent’s was a man named Mr. Larry.

“He was someone who did simple things, like recognize the hard work I would do. He was someone who would just take an interest in you, and he left a long lasting impression on me,” Sargent said.

Sargent has wanted to travel outside of the continent.

Sargent also states something that he wishes he had the chance to do in high school and college is to play football and also to study abroad.

You can catch Sargent in his free time playing a game of golf, or coaching his son’s soccer team.

If you see this friendly face in the BFA hallways, don’t be afraid to ask him about his love for history, or his distaste for math!