Community Service Gives Back

Taylor Paquette, Mercury Writer

For students to graduate at BFA there are many requirements that have to be met. One is that you must complete ten hours of community service.  Social studies teacher, Geoff Murray is in charge of the community service program.

To count for the BFA requirement, community service can only be done senior year. The school feels that community service is a good way to get kids involved in the community.

“It’s a great way for students to give back to the community,” Murray said.

BFA wants students to go out into the community and see what it feels like to help others and the community.

“Community service is really important to me. I believe that we take a lot from our community and we don’t give nearly as much back. So I think that community service should be a part of everyone’s lives,” Emily Robtoy (‘17) said.

Robtoy has been doing community service in the past year that did not count but she enjoys helping the community.

“Overall I have around 145 hours of community service since my sophomore year. Since it doesn’t count for the other 3 years, many people don’t participate in service until their senior year,” Robtoy said.

Many people do not pay attention to community service until they have to, but some students get involved with the community and then end up enjoying it. Community service is a good way to figure out if you want to follow an interest later in life.

“ Maybe if it changed, more people would start before their senior year and maybe they would end up enjoying it and continue participating in service,” Robtoy said.

Do kids avoid doing it because it is too hard?

“No, from a student’s point of view, I definitely don’t think it’s difficult. Last year I did an alternative break service trip in Chestertown, Maryland at the Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue and did 35 hours of service. I loved all of the dogs. It was so much fun,” Robtoy said.

There are many places that you can do community service and the service can be something you are interested in. Would more people may find it easier if they did it on something they were interested in?

“So no, it isn’t difficult because there are several options of service that you want to do, like working with the border collies, while still helping someone. There are tons of options. All that matters is that you’re helping out with the community,” Robtoy said.