One BFA Program Unites All


Laura DeMarse and Gabby Gamache -two Young Athletes coaches- pose for a picture.

Alek Wolfe, Writer

BFA has an abundance of programs that are offered….

Whether it be athletics, digital video production, culinary, etc. Each class offering consists of students who are more than willing  to make a difference in their schooling environment

The BFA Young Athlete Program is a prime example of this..

Sarah Fabrizio, a BFA gym teacher, started up this program in the 2015-16 school year.

“After hearing from a friend of mine whose daughter participated in a Young Athlete’s Program at Rice, I thought that with my degree in Physical Education and job here at B.F.A. this would be the perfect
opportunity to give back to the special needs community,” Fabrizio said.

The program is for any children ages 2-7 with or without disabilities. The program will run for six consecutive Saturdays from 10:00 am to 11:00 am starting March 11th and ending April 15th.

Coaches of these kids will consist of volunteer BFA students, with the focus of the program being on pre-sport skills and social skills.

There are some student coaches that are returning from last years program, one of them being Laura DeMarse (’17).

“I really enjoyed the program last year, I thought it was a really good way to not only connect with the young athletes but also with the other coaches,” DeMarse said.

The activities for the weekly Saturday meets are as simple as red light green light, obstacle courses, and playing with a jumbo parachute.

“I was amazed how willing our students were to donate their time on a Saturday morning to help out with the program Volunteers were in the gym engaging with the kids and giving them great positive feedback and attention. The coaches are the reason why this program is so successful and I couldn’t do it with out them,” Fabrizo said.