How do you spell SPIRIT?

How do you spell SPIRIT?

Eric "Jasper" Johnson, Writer

Screams and cheers from BFA students at the MVU basketball game. The shouts from the Complex as fans watch the boys and girls hockey program. A standing ovation at Godspell.

BFA certainly doesn’t lack spirit. These examples above are a few events that have and will draw a crowd.

“School spirit is really from the heart so I think it’s most important to get everyone involved, which I think most people are in this school, but I feel like there are some who really don’t care and its important to get them involved in events,” Jacob Newman (‘19) said.

Having spirit at a school is important because it can lead to more students being more involved in things like drama, music, sports, etc. Getting more involved in different programs also can often help you in getting into a college because they like to see people who are diverse.

“I think it’s definitely pretty strong here. Throughout spirit weeks I’ve seen a lot of people participating but I think there definitely could be more. People are doing a good job but I think there could be more school spirit,” Hunter Harris (‘20) said.

This raises a good point because some students at BFA choose not to get involved in a whole lot and this is unfortunate because BFA is a school that loves to have students involved in as much as possible because it makes students have more pride in the school itself.

This raises a question. Is there a way to get students more involved?

“I think one way could be that there could be an incentive to have school spirit and have there be a reward,” Harris said. This is a solid point because it would most likely get more students involved because they know it potentially reward them in the long run.

A well respected teacher at BFA, Eric Bushey also gave his thoughts on ways to get more students out there, creating school spirit.

I’d like to see more things like BFA talent shows and more opportunities for students to go encourage other students in areas other than just the typical things like concerts and athletic events. Something additional,” Bushey said.

A solid idea that would most certainly get some students participating. If there were more activities like a talent show, then more students would come and support their peers, promoting school spirit.

As it was said earlier, colleges look for diversity in a student’s experience in and out of school. If you are participating in clubs and on teams and doing drama or band, a college will be more likely to choose you for their school than if you don’t participate and just stay at home.

A problem might be that students don’t have interests in what the school already offers. This could be changed if the school added new programs/clubs.

A student, Ben Stoll,  drove an effort to create a new poetry club this year that has a had a good turnout of students. New ideas like this could get students participating.

“I think you can always expand. I think you always have to be willing to take a look at options…You have to be careful of adding programs when others are being cut,” Dan Marlow, BFA Athletic Director, said.

Marlow is a big promoter of BFA athletes, students, coaches and teachers. “Hardworking, enthusiastic, and caring,” Marlow said when he was asked what the first three words that come to mind when he thought of the student body.

Mr. Marlow gets to see students on a daily basis and knows a lot about the spirit of school being the Athletic Director. He actively supports students and athletes in many different programs and activities that create “school spirit.”

BFA has a great culture that tries to get everyone involved. Whether it be Athletics or Drama, the atmosphere is encouragement.

With the new winter season for sports in full swing, the school will see even more students showing spirit at games.

“All three of those words (hardworking, enthusiastic and caring)… I think it encompasses who you are, what your values are. That’s why I think when you think of BFA, you think of an attitude of work ethic, they’ll work as hard as anyone. They’re enthusiastic. They’ll support each other and they’re caring,” Marlow said.

Some students still need to get involved, but overall, BFA is a school with spirit. Spirit makes BFA what it is, and it is important to keep the students and teacher and community involved.