Senior pranks: not all it’s quacked up to be

Senior pranks: not all its quacked up to be

Owen Pelkey, Writer

In the last couple weeks remaining, BFA faculty has had one impending doom lingering in their mind: the senior prank. As the days to graduation wound down, it was only a matter of time until the senior class pulled their prank, leaving their final mark on the hallways of BFA.

On Wednesday, June 6, students came to another normal day of classes, unaware of the prepared senior prank that many seniors chose to take part in. The prank itself, was simple, but fooled many faculty and students, leaving the entire prank to be a success.

The prank involved placing an excess amount of miniature plastic ducks all around the school, with some teachers even noting that there were several in just their one classroom alone. Upon picking up the ducks, students would find a message attached, telling them that there was a prize waiting for them in the main office, for being the one to find the duck.

What many didn’t expect, however, is that when going to the main office to claim their prize, they were greeted with staff who were just as confused as the students themselves; there was no prize. The ducks mislead students to believe that there were fancy and nice prizes for them, awaiting in the main office, when all what was really left for them was disappointment.

BFA is now filled with a whole lot of ducks, disappointed underclassmen, and satisfied seniors.

With the senior prank out of the way, BFA faculty can breathe a sigh of relief, and work on saying their final goodbyes to the class, and congratulating them on their success, achievements, and for graduating.