Staff goodbyes: Mitch True

Mercury Staff

How long have you worked at BFA?

I started in 1999, so this is my 19th year at BFA.

Can you briefly list your teaching duties, and other activities you have been a part of?

I have taught every required Social Studies course, except for U.S History. I have mostly had Global Studies for the past few years but also taught We the People and Senior Civics for years.

What do you like best about BFA?

I would have to say the students. My non-teacher friends wonder how I can spend all day with teenagers, but I always say they are some of the best people I know.

Can you share a memory of your time at BFA?
I remember September 11, 2001. We had a television in the room at the time and we watched as the second tower fell.

What would you like to leave behind?
I hope I have left behind a reputation for helping students set high standards for themselves, for being compassionate but also expecting students to grow.

Where are you going next and what are your plans there?

I am going to stay in education. My wife and I are starting a private school called Apple Ladder Academy in our home. It will focus on a classical education and incorporate a lot of the back to the land activities we do on our homestead.