Onto the next drive

Ambyr Wagner, Editor-In-Chief

The thought of leaving high school is a strange and exciting one. Strange for the fact that I will indeed be leaving a place I have grown comfortable in. I know the hallways and have made many friends with the teachers… Some of whom have admitted to wanting to adopt me, as strange as that is. It is hard to leave a place where many memories have been made, as sappy as that really sounds.

Yet I will openly admit that I am ready to move on to something greater. I’ve had some opportunities through high school that I took, and some that I didn’t. I’ve done my time here at BFA, and now it is time to move on and make room for others; it is time for freshmen, sophomores and juniors to have the opportunities that I was given.

Thinking back on it, high school reminds me of an old, ill-maintained road- and
that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The road is the journey through high school. The moment you turn onto it, you are a freshman. The moment you finish it, you have graduated. And the same road is different for each person. “Memory Lane” is a perfect name
for the road, allowing you to go through all of the memories, each with their own driveway and sight.


Oops. I hit a pothole. But it won’t cost me a dime. You know why? Because my car is something I’ve built from the ground up. Understanding is my wheels. My curiosity the engine. Excitement my ball joints, CV shaft and chassis. My willingness my headlights, my stereo, my windshield. My knowledge is the body of the car. My skills the wire harness and ECU chip. My love the stick which allows me to shift gears.

Everything together makes for a fantastic trip through the wonderful countryside with my unbreakable car, and a road trip I hope for others to take in their cars.