Into a new broadcast of life

Into a new broadcast of life

Alek Wolfe, Assistant Editor

When I was a junior at BFA, I got involved with the BFA Mercury as a reporter. I had previously been commentating and announcing basketball and hockey. I wanted to get experience in journalism and news reporting. Being with the Mercury has taught me a lot about writing, reporting, and getting the correct information for articles. However, I wasn’t happy with just writing and conducting interviews. So with the help of the BFA community, and the Mercury, I started up a radio program called the Mixdown. Throughout my junior and senior year, the Mixdown has had over 100 broadcasts. 102 recorded, and 153 live broadcasts. Just recently, the Mixdown got a $200.00 cash prize for being the most engaging project at the Dynamic Landscapes event held at Champlain College. The Mixdown was presented on Mondays and Fridays live on the Mercury website.

During the broadcast, I took requests, gave sports updates, had live performances of poetry, song covers, and interviews. Also, I had BFA students make shout-outs and intros. Some of these BFA students hosted and guest hosted on the broadcast. I even brought back former BFA students for a guest appearance. I want to thank all of those who have stepped up to the microphone to help me, and to help the Mixdown. Overall, my experience with the Mixdown has been very valuable. The connections I have made with people while interviewing has been very great.

Because of the Mixdown, I have visited Mix 102.3 and run my own two-hour radio show on 99.3 WBTV-LP. I have even been up in the Boston Red Sox press box and got to meet some really cool broadcasters. I also was an intern at 101.3 ESPN and talked to listeners over the phone lines and put them on the air during the Huddle and Champlain Valley Game Night.

During my internship at 101.3, I got tips for radio which helped to improve the sound of the Mixdown and so that it ran smoother. I also got the chance to broadcast two live Comet Hockey games on Channel 15, one of which was streamed through the Mercury website.

Thanks to Mr. Steven Davis for helping me figure out what the proper cables were for making the Mixdown go live, and for so many other little things, that went together to make BIG things. If it wasn’t for him, the Mixdown wouldn’t be where it is today. He helped create sound bites such as intros, station IDS, and a bunch more, which made the transition from recorded to live broadcasts easy as possible.

I am off to study broadcasting at Northern Vermont University, Lyndon Campus.