A Cold Morning Observation- Alex Haag (’20)


The dew drops on the mountain

Cling, frozen to green shoots

Not by cold,

Though the air is frigid,

But by time,

As if these drops of dew

Are not subject to the natural laws

Of the universe.

Hence they sparkle on

Shining stars of the morn


These dew drops of water pure

Will not stay forever

(Though time, their master, favors them)

In hours, or minutes, or seconds the sun

Will dry them

And these wonderful capsules

Will shine no more.

The sun’s light gives them starry birth

Yet ends their twinkling too


The stars of the morning,

The light glistening on shoots of green grass,

The ordinary,

Taken for granted,

But so unique and special at heart

For a drop of dew is not simply water,

It is a drop of sunshine,

Mixed with some of nature’s magic

All around you