It’s a new dean, it’s a new day


Katharina Spöth, Writer

Camron Colston is the new ninth grade advisor and Dean of Students. His responsibilities are to help with any sort of issues of the ninth grade, like student relations and questions about the schedule, activities and clubs. Being a dean means dealing with all kinds of behavior problems.

“As a dean I deal with all behavior issues, if there is anything that’s not appropriate, it would come directly to me and so I would proceed with that,“ Colston said.

Colston grew up in Cocoa Beach, FL. While going to high school his biggest passion was the drama class. The people he met there were inspirational role models to him.

“Having those older students was really positive. They challenged me and questioned the things I did and allowed me to question them too. For me those were true role models because they’re just everyday people in your life and they are your friends but they just didn’t let you slide they still kept you on track. I am not qualified to teach drama but that is something that if I could I would love to do,” Colston said.

After graduating he went to college and his plan was to become a doctor.

“When I was younger I thought I would really like to work in the medical profession. When I went to college I was taking a lot of medical profession classes, math classes and biology and it just wasn’t for me. I really wanted to interact with people and have those relationships and stuff that you really wouldn’t get in the medical profession,“ Colston said.

When Colston was 20 years old he first decided to work at a summer camp. There he realized which job he really wanted to do in his life.

“I started working at summer camps. It really helped my process and I knew that I would like to do this as my profession. I just fell in love with working with kids,“ Colston said.

Colston worked in this area for international organizations until he was about 24 years old. In addition he studied political science at University of Central Florida.

“Then I went straight to a masters program for education which was at a different college,“ Colston said.

When he finished his academic career he taught English and literacy at the fifth and sixth grade at Hyde Park Elementary School, FL. Although he really enjoys being a teacher, he doesn’t teach academic classes at BFA.

“For me it’s just being involved, being part of a community, really helping students realize their potential, for me it’s not I have these skills and I’m going to teach you these skills, it’s helping students unlock what they already have, just helping them express themselves,“ Colston said.

Furthermore, he worked as a behavior consultant for youth and family services.

Before starting his new job at BFA he did a gap year. Together with his chocolate Labrador he hiked the Appalachian Trail from Vermont all the way down to the most southern point of Virginia.

“I love camping, I like day hikes and really enjoy nature. Anything can happen out there, you don’t have technology, you don’t have anybody interrupting you, you really get to think. Everything is just so simple. It’s just taking that moment to relax and to take a deep breath,“ Colston said.

After being hired  Colston moved to Vermont to start his new job at BFA. What he likes most about BFA is the long tradition and history that is connected with it.

“The old building, seeing all the old pictures of how many years it goes back, the pictures of the old athletes, that was really inspiring that so many people have walked through these halls and graduated from here,“ Colston said.

If there would be one thing that he could change in the American school system he would have a look at the way of giving consequences or punishment.

“I would like to do away with the old system like detention/ suspension and focus more on a restorative system of discipline and a positive reinforcement type to really figure out what is going on in the students life,“ Colston said.

In his everyday life Colston values having a good community and appreciates a respectful and polite treatment.

“I’m always inspired by people in my everyday life, just when I see someone doing something kind, it reminds me of being kind,“ Colston said.

Colston is looking forward to work here at BFA and supporting students with their (high school) life.

“I’m really here to help kids enjoy their high school experience. I’m here to work with you and I want to see you succeed and happy, I really want to help you grow here at school,“ Colston said.