Nothing but net

Isaiah Cline, Writer

As the basketball season revs up into gear, the Bobwhites varsity basketball team is looking forward to reaching a championship.

Last year the varsity team ended the season 17-5.  They made it to the quarterfinals, before losing to St. Johnsbury, 60-42.

The two leaders of the team, Logan Tobin (‘19), and Landon Potvin (‘19), have a lot to say about how they want their last season here at BFA to go.

Logan Tobin has a lot of goals for his last season at BFA.

“The goals for this season are to make it out of first round of the playoffs and see what happens next game.  We want at least one home play off game so that means [a] top seven seed in the state… we’re improving on the offensive side,” Tobin said.

With the loss of multiple athletes from last year, how is the team going to fare?

“Our team isn’t as good athletes this year so we are willing to actually commit to the offense and it’s working.  So far we’ve beaten Essex and Fairfax in scrimmages and we also play Burlington in our final scrimmage this Saturday,” Tobin said.

Jens Ulrich-Verderber (‘18) played center last year and now that he isn’t on the team, how will the team operate without the star of the team?

“With Jens leaving it’s a big loss since he is a big man with big shoes to fill but everyone from last year has gotten better. Taylor Yates, in my opinion, best shooter in the state right now.  He’s making six three-pointers a game. It just makes us run the offense more and not rely on Jens to do everything. It’s making us more of a team than just a three man show. Like last year me, Will [Harvey, who has also graduated] and Jens had a game where we had a combined 67-71 points for our team, it was ridiculous.  This year the wealth is gonna be distributed and everyone will be scoring more,” Tobin said.

Landon Potvin has goals of his own to achieve but also for the team overall.

“One goal is to always get to the finals.  Another goal is to make the top four seed and it is very achievable in my opinion,” Potvin said.

One of things he is definitely focused on is just better team work on and off the court.

“[Things] to improve on, from last season (are) better team chemistry and more communication. I feel those two things are so important to a team and last year we could’ve been better on those two things,” Potvin said.

Stars that were on the team last year are no longer here.  Potvin is confident in how the team will perform without them.

“Jens [Ulrich-Verderber] and Will [Harvey] and Danny [Reyome] and Cam [Bushey] and Andrew [Billings] all gone will be huge. But other schools lost people too. Some big ones too. I think last year’s guys really mentored the guys for this year and I’m very excited to get the regular season going. I’m pretty confident in this group of guys,” Potvin said.

Will the BFA boys be headed on to the Division l Finals on the 18th of March at UVM?  Stay tuned!