The drive for success

Photo from BFA Comet Basketball Instagram Page

Photo from BFA Comet Basketball Instagram Page

Isaiah Cline, Writer

Five games into the 2018-19 season, and the Comets are looking strong, with a record of five wins and one loss as of Jan. 4.

Last year the Comets made it to the Division 1 State Quarterfinals.  Their season record was 13 wins and nine losses.

Shawn Earl has coached the team for the last three seasons and his goal is to get back to where they had made it last year.

Our goal is to make it back to Patrick Gymnasium. Last year was the first time that we didn’t make it in the last 4 years, so we’re hoping that we can use that as fuel to propel us back to Patrick again,” Earl said.

From the downs that they had last season in the playoffs, Coach Earl wants the mentality of being focused and having more fluidity on the court for his team.

Last year we lost at CVU in the Quarter Finals, which left a bad taste in our mouths because we had a very good chance to win that game. But even before that game there were some games where we weren’t as focused as we could have been, and those losses came back to haunt us when playoff pairings were made. We’re hoping that this season we win the games we need to win and that we work on being more consistent and focused during every game. This team has a lot of potential, but no one is going to give us anything. We will need to earn it and work our way back,” Earl said.

Coach Earl wants to improve on plenty of other traits, but he is dialing in on the team being disciplined and composed in every game they play.

Last year we didn’t always exercise either of those two traits and against the better teams they made us pay for it. So, this season we are really focusing in on the details and hopefully that will help us achieve our goal,” Earl said.

With experienced players coming back and some new additions to the team a lot is expected out of them.

We don’t have any “star players”, but we do have an experienced team coming back. We’re hoping that with the return of several seniors: Elena Clark, Leah Larivee, Kelly Laggis, and Katie Labelle they will provide stability and leadership. We also have a couple of kids that have varsity experience returning: Megan Buckley, Caitlyn Dasaro and Maren McGinn, that will be counted on to contribute, plus adding in new varsity members: Meade Pollard and Mackenzie Moore,” Earl said.

Meade Pollard (‘20)  made the Varsity basketball team, and wants to keep improving to contribute to the team as much as she can.

“Some goals of mine are growing as a team, pushing each other, and raising each other up so we can succeed; not just as individuals but together. Doing that will not only make us win more but be a better team. I personally need to push myself more, and know my potential and get there,” Pollard said.

Pollard played last year on the J.V. basketball team, but she is more driven this year.

“Last season I was on JV so it was definitely easier to get playing time and less responsibilities. But this year I’m going to have to push myself way harder and like I said, I need to be driven,” Pollard said.

Some of her goals for the team this year are, teamwork and not putting anyone down.   

“I think just playing as a team and not individually. We need to be always talking and positive on and off the court to each other.  People can get injured and that can mess up the game and our starters but I think the biggest thing we worry about is the team itself.  Fighting and small things, those definitely have an impact on how we play,” Pollard said.

Will they make it to the Patrick Gymnasium?  Stay tuned and find out! Watch the Comets play on Jan. 21 away at Spaulding!