New attendance monitor at BFA


Kai Hemingway, Writer

Samantha Morrone is the newest addition to the BFA main office. Morrone is a compassionate and understanding individual who cares about the students who come her way. She is enjoying her time here so far, especially the social aspect.

Morrone’s job is to figure out who is present and who is not, along with contacting parents. She works with Power School as well. Morrone also helps out in the Main Office with any visitors who come in.

At the moment Morrone has no special tactics to help her do her job. She likes to, as she said, “be a little more understanding,” since there is always something going on in everyone’s lives.

Even though she works in the main office, Morrone’s background is in the medical field. Morrone has her medical degree and worked in a doctor’s office beforehand. Unfortunately, the hours did not work anymore, but BFA came through for her.

The three words that Morrone believes describes herself are noble and humanizing ones.

“I’m indecisive, there we go that’s a good one right now. I think I’m maybe compassionate and understanding,” Morrone said.

Morrone is originally from Maine and has only been in Vermont for about a month. She has come to Vermont with her daughter, two step sons and partner. Her daughter goes to SATEC and she has a step son that goes to BFA.

Because of her recent move, Morrone only has one plan for the future: to buy a house. She would also like to eventually move to a place where it doesn’t snow.

Morrone is family orientated, but she still enjoys her own hobbies. During her free time she loves to read, but as she said: “[I have] three kids so pretty much whatever they want to do, that’s what we end up doing.”

When compared to her last job, BFA has its differences and similarities. The big difference is the atmosphere.

“It’s still a little stressful here sometimes, but it’s a lot more relaxed and it is a better environment. [It’s] more of a team environment,” Morrone said.

In her opinion, Morrone believes that BFA’s best quality is the team spirit. It was such team spirit that Morrone says differentiates BFA from her past job. She enjoys the fact that everyone is working together.

Morrone’s greatest strength goes hand in hand with her social position.

“I’m a people person and like I said I just like trying to put myself in their shoes,” Morrone said.

Unfortunately, her greatest weakness matches up with her strength and job as well.

“[I believe in] the best in everyone, which sometimes gets me in trouble because something will happen and I’ll be like ‘no, they wouldn’t do that’ and they would,” Morrone said.

So far, the biggest challenge Morrone has faced is the move. She had had to move away from friends and family to a new state. Moving to a totally different state has been hard for Morrone.

“[Moving is] hard no matter how old you are or whether it’s coming into school or coming into a new job,” Morrone said.

When asked if she had any messages to the students of the school, Morrone only had thanks and appreciation.

“I appreciate that they’ve all been very welcoming and friendly and I appreciate all of their support and helping me learn my position.” Morrone said.

Thank her, and the other people there, when in the Main Office. They will appreciate your thanks. The journey across states was difficult for her, so welcome Morrone to BFA.

A warm welcome to Samantha Morrone!