Making waves in the lunchroom


Kai Hemingway, Writer

Lunchtime, I’m hungry! I’m not feeling the entree and I really don’t want pizza or a wrap. If I was at home I could heat up a frozen burrito. Why can’t I make one at school? Oh right, no microwave in the cafeteria!

The students of BFA don’t have many options when it comes to lunch. Students can either eat the lunch provided by the school, bring their own lunches or order something outside the school. A microwave has the possibility to bring variety back into the lunch room.

Adding a microwave into the lunch room has some problems that may arise. Jennifer Bombardier, the site supervisor of the cafeteria, shed some light onto the situation.

With so many students using it, the microwave would get dirty. The cafeteria staff don’t know who would get the job of cleaning it. With the amount of students who would use it, the microwave could get unsanitary quickly.

Though not mentioned in our conversation, a microwave may be unsafe to those who have food allergies and restrictions. If someone heated up something with peanut butter and someone with that allergy used it after, there could be a problem. The school could be held responsible.

Another concern for the school is that students may bring unhealthy lunches. The Abbey offers healthier food options than what some students may bring, such as the salad bar instead of daily Hot Pockets.

Yet, some students get bored of eating the same lunch every day and would rather go without food entirely. Also, students order unhealthy foods from local restaurants and get them delivered to the school anyway.

In the cafeteria there is only one breaker. If a microwave is added it would short out the breaker, rendering it useless anyway. It is a give and take situation with, unfortunately, more takes.

The prospect of a microwave has been visited with the staff before. Though students (and some teachers) want it, a microwave won’t be coming anytime soon.

While the future for a potential microwave is uncertain, there is always hope for the future students.