An impawsable tale

Kai Hemingway, Writer

During one ordinary school day on May 20, while students were walking to class, a cat was spotted strolling across campus. The cat was white, decorated with light gray splotches and of unknown gender.

The unknown cat was friendly and social, wandering up to students and asking to be petted. It also seemed to be healthy, showing no signs of mange or any other diseases that stray animals tend to pick up. It was unknown if the cat was even a stray, an outdoor cat or an indoor cat who had escaped.

Many students were overjoyed to see such an adorable sight on campus. Springing to action, students rushed over to pet the cat, much to the cat’s delight. Unfortunately, there may have been too much love for the cat.

Later on in the day the cat was picked up by members of the BFA staff and brought to the main office. Allegedly some students were not being the nicest to the cat, leading to the staff removing it from the situation.

One account claims they saw a student hissing at the cat in an attempt to scare it away.

The cat was brought to the main office where it was made comfortable. Staff members in the main office then called the Humane Society so they could find the owners, or take care of the cat properly.

The cat’s owners must have picked it up either from the school or from the Humane Society. It would be unlikely that the cat was a stray, because it was spotted again days later back at BFA. The Humane Society would not release a stray cat, and they are located a mile away from the school making it unlikely that the cat would walk from there.

The name, gender and origins of the cat remain a mystery, but the cat has not been sighted again after its second appearance.

Optimists can assume that the cat is safe and tucked away at home with its loving owners, even though the students of BFA will miss it dearly.