Monitoring the future with Cara Miller


Hunter Livingston, Writer

Cara Miller is our new lunch monitor and office clerk here at BFA after taking over for Mrs. Gissel in the fall of 2019. 

She was born and raised in Underhill, Vermont and attended Mount Mansfield Union High school and she continued her education at CCV, later attended Champlain college, she majored in accounting and minored in human services.

“I came to work at BFA because I wanted to be in a position where I could help others,” Miller said.

She monitors the kids in the morning in the cafeteria and the breakfast table next to Mr. Marlows office, she also subs for teachers, and miller works in the CIP, Community integration program, which is the classroom for kids with special needs. BFA uses her like a Swiss army knife, she does pretty much everything that she can. 

Mrs. Miller lives in St. Albans with her husband and her nine year old daughter who currently attends St. Albans Town Educational Center. She is not a winter person, she usually spends her time cuddled in a blanket and reading her books. She loves the summer as her favorite hobbies are hiking and swimming. She has a dog named Sunny, who is a golden retriever, and she has one cat named Charlie.

Before working at BFA she worked at VSAC in customer relations to help kids with their student loans and paying back college.  

Although Mrs. Gissel is irreplaceable, Mrs. Miller is a wonderful lady and BFA is lucky to have her on the team as she makes this school a better place!