Mahabir guides BFA on a flexible pathway


Logan Piazza, Writer

As new positions present themselves annually in our school system, a position in its inaugural year, is BFA’s Flexible Pathways Coordinator. Liam Mahabir, a first year educator, comes from a  dynamic past as the result of his quest for the perfect occupation.

Mahabir, a former business owner, farmer, and ski patroller, started his teaching in late August, 2019. His passion for architecture and home improvements led him and a friend turned business partner to start an LLC revolved around “in home” improvements. 

After Mahabir mutually parted ways with his business partner, he explored careers revolving around his childhood dream, being outdoors. For three years, he worked on a farm in Waitsfield, VT. Throughout these years he had other jobs such as collecting data for the Census database in 2010, and being a ski patroller in Bolton Valley.

Mahabir went to Burr and Burton Academy for high school, and finished up his education at UVM, as a geography major; a combination of science and social studies.

Mahabir was lead to BFA’s opening of a brand-new position last summer. It is a position he has grown to love due to the fact that he can pave the way on what he does best in his spot.

A Flexible Pathways coordinator is someone who sets up student meetings with professionals in the community, in hopes of attaining mentorships and internships.

“My goal is to create a work-based learning experience,” Mahabir said.

In his opinion, what builds a strong school community is caring about your peers, treating them with decency, and acting as neighbors. 

He has two dogs, and has been married since 2017. 

When asked if there was a thing or two that you should bring to the table if interested in this program, Mahibir simply suggested bringing your curiosity. Come knowing what you are passionate about and talented with, and he can help you relate those things to the real world.