Retiring – Sue Wade


Owen Biniecki, Editor

St. Albans City School and Fairfield Center School’s Sue Wade is retiring from her position as Library Media Specialist this year. 

Wade started her career at St. Albans City School (SACS) 20 years ago in August 2000, working as a Youth Services Librarian at the St. Albans Free Library prior to becoming a teacher.

As a teacher, Wade enjoys watching her students learn and appreciate her teaching, recognizing the moment when she can “see the light go on in a student’s eyes,” and “realize they understand what I’m teaching,” are her favorite aspects of being a teacher.

In her 20 years working at SACS and her past two years working at Fairfield Center School, Wade believes teaching World Languages and Coding to be among her favorite classes to teach.

“As a librarian it’s always fun to talk about books with students, and in the past few years I’ve been privileged to teach world languages At City School and this last year, coding at Fairfield. Everything has been fun and challenging,” Wade said.

Looking back on her favorite classes to teach, Wade also recounted one of her fondest memories from her years working as a teacher.

“There have been so many wonderful times with students, and I have been fortunate to see many of them as grown ups, but I think a favorite was when I was in a store and the clerk said ”Just hearing your voice makes me think of reading!” Wade said.

Before retiring, Wade hoped to finish her last full year of teaching more normally than current events have allowed.

“I’m sorry the year ended so abruptly. I was looking forward to finishing the year of coding in Fairfield and teaching “Things that Fly”- an elective course that I co-taught with Mr. Craib,” Wade said.

Looking forward and into retirement, Wade hopes to find out “what I’m going to be when I grow up,” and planned for travel, but will be happy with relaxing at home all the same.

“My husband and I were going to travel, first to Toronto for the birth of our second grandchild, then to Italy for our 50th wedding anniversary, and then to Japan to visit our daughter and her husband, but I guess we’ll just be content to sit on our back porch and watch our chickens and dogs!” Wade said.

If you’d like to leave a personal message for Ms. Wade, send her an email at [email protected] or send a letter to SACS at 29 Bellows Street, St. Albans City, in care of Sue Wade.