Learning with Liberatore


Caitlyn Mossey, Writer

Fresh out of SUNY Potsdam, Lauren Liberatore is the newest addition to the BFA math department. Along with teaching algebra one and geometry, Liberatore is also enrolled at The College Of Saint Rose studying educational psychology. When Liberatore isn’t learning or teaching, she enjoys playing with her 5-month-old puppy and doing crafts. 

 Liberatore has always wanted to be a teacher. Before teaching at BFA, Liberatore had a few teaching jobs.

“I was a teacher’s assistant in a school for children with special needs & I directed a summer camp,” Liberatore said.

When asked why she applied at BFA, Liberatore answered, “My fiance moved to Vermont last year for a job and I was like, well, I better search for some schools out there.” 

After about a month of searching, Liberatore found BFA. 

“BFA was looking for a math teacher, and so I just applied for the position, and then, when I interviewed, it seemed like the best possible option I could have found,” Liberatore said. 

As a math teacher, Liberatore has many responsibilities. A few of her responsibilities include, “making sure, especially with hybrid learning, that the students at home have meaningful tasks to do…[and]…a lot of monitoring and a lot of talking through email” and to “make sure that my students know the math to bring them to the next level,” she said. 

When asked if she struggles with finding online resources, Liberatore said, “There’s a lot of good resources and everybody uses something different. And I think it’s really, really easy to find stuff to do online.” 

According to Liberatore, The easiest part of teaching is “the interactions with students” while the hardest part is “making sure they understand.”