2020 by Kaylee Mckenzie (’22)


Photo credit: https://www.needpix.com/photo/30188/twenty-number-20-rounded-rectangle-box-blue-white

Kaylee Mckenzie, Contributor

I’ll never forget the year 2020.


January, potential war threats,

News articles flaring with stories


February, Australia caught fire,

Millions of homes deteriorated,

Leaving ashes in the sky like snowflakes. 


March, Coronavirus hits the US

Millions of cases spring, causing a pandemic.

We were introduced to a world of masks. 


April, online school,

Zoom calls and google meets,

Wondering when the quarantine will be lifted,

Loneliness and being trapped


May, the death of George Floyd,

An innocent black man whose life was taken too soon.

Gen Z came together for the better. 


June, Riots in Minneapolis, 

Flames go up on the police department, 

Tear gas and sweat,

Anger and disbelief 


That’s not even half of it.

2020 has opened its mouth and devoured us whole,

But we are still here.

Only 3 more months to go.