Panic by Deanna Currier (’21)

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Deanna Currier, Contributor

I panic

When you ask me a question and I have to respond with my own words and my own thoughts. 

They disappear and I have a mouth filled with nothing but dryness and a mind full of blankness.

I panic in the moment,

And again later when I overthink it in my head.

I froze.

Because I had to speak in longer pieces, using longer words, and a bigger voice. 

I panic. 

No more one-word responses 

No more headshakes, or even just a simple facial expression that’s known to be acknowledged, 

so I froze. But nothing else did.  

The Panic.

The tightened chest of short breaths 

The shakiness of my body. 

The Fear 

Everything just becomes Frozen.

My Mind starts to run away and leave my body behind. 

Standing there,  I Panic. I Freeze. I have become not me

as the small quakes of nervous energy push to escape

And run away,

Leaving me behind,



And Frozen.