Storm by Wendy Ainsworth (’21)

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Photo credit:

Wendy Ainsworth, Contributor

Scattered through the atmosphere, 

green blobs on a map.

Rolling with the wind, no destination.

A cool chill and great gust.

Leaves blow through the air and

Weather vanes spin out of control.


Dark and gloomy, they approach,

crawling over the hill,

casting darkness upon the ground.

It begins in the distance,

A hazy, foggy look. 

Windows quickly shut. 


Next comes the rumble,

The consuming kind

Deeper than your father’s stomach,

The house shaking kind.

A streak of light zaps in the distance.

Almost here


Tap. Tap. Tap.

The first drops fall from the sky.

Not small ones, like those in a shower.

Drops that splat, 

Big, round, and heavy,

Slowly at first, but within seconds 

Full force. 


Weathervanes spin out of control. 

Leaves fly through the air.

Great gusts, branches thrashing,

The wind has brought them here, 

Puffy green blobs on a map

Filling the sky.