Connecting BFA Together


Interior of connector Photo credit: Adelyne Collin

Adelyne Collin, Writer


Since 1996, Bellows Free Academy has been two separate buildings; now, everything is connected. BFA’s student body and staff have been awaiting the connector that’s designed to attach to both the north and south buildings. On Nov. 19, the connector will open. The front-facing doors and glass panels won’t be complete until Nov. 30. Having worked at schools with construction before, Principal Brett Blanchard spoke on behalf of the function of the connector and some added features. 

“I think overall [the connector is] significant…there’s too many doors to watch, too much movement, and today’s world is different than 20 years ago,” Blanchard said.

The connector further protects students from exterior harm. The demand to keep students safely indoors during school has increased throughout the years. The goal of the school board is to ensure students and staff aren’t exposed to any danger. Large panels of glass surrounding the front door allow the office to clearly see who is requesting access to the school, opposed to only seeing through a camera. 

With safety as the school’s main concern, it’s up to the student body to bring spirit and personalization to the connector. “I see it as a gallery of student artwork… I’d like to see canvas framed throughout the entire interior,” Blanchard said.

Gallery lighting and large walls allow room for lots of student art. Instead of painted murals, Blanchard wishes to have featured artwork that can switch up. Hanging student artwork throughout the hallway will involve, and engage, more students in the customization and decorating process. Clubs will also have the ability to display any works of art. 

In addition, students will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the seating options available in the connector. “There’s an open area where students can design seating, or whatever they want in that area. I like that ability. There’s a couple spaces that they can design and decide what they want the layout to be,” Blanchard said. 

The connector is 14 feet-wide with tall ceilings, allowing more space between students. The office is across from the west-facing doors with an additional conference room and bathroom. “It’s vibrant,” Blanchard said. 

“I like the sense of space and I am one that really likes, and believes in the importance of natural light. So I really enjoy that the center main entrance way is mostly glass,” Blanchard said.

By eliminating the use of numerous doors and preventing students from being outdoors and exposed to possible threats between periods, the connector allows for the safety of the students. Furthermore, student artwork being displayed along the walls will add a personalized touch to the connector.  It’s been 24 years since the old hospital became a part of BFA; now, the school has become a whole building once again.