Hannaford: Why is it the Place for BFA Students to Work?

Dylan Koval (‘21) and Kayleigh Sweeney (‘20) hard at work at the St. Albans Hannaford. 
Photo credit: Larissa Hebert

Dylan Koval (‘21) and Kayleigh Sweeney (‘20) hard at work at the St. Albans’ Hannaford. Photo credit: Larissa Hebert

Dylan Koval, Contributor

The St. Albans local Hannaford is an extremely popular place to work among students, so much so that when a survey was released to find out how many Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans students work at Hannaford, a whopping 20% of the students who were surveyed stated that they work there. 

Why do so many students work at Hannaford,  and how does Hannaford attract the attention of all these students looking for jobs?

One survey participant said, “I wanted a job for college, and I knew they hired many high schoolers, so I knew I could get a job there. With the pandemic, many other places weren’t hiring.” This is just one of the many reasons why high school students are attracted to Hannaford. 

This survey was sent out to get a percentage of students who work at Hannaford, but also to analyze their reasons why and to determine the most popular reason that students work at Hannaford. The answer became clear when reviewing the responses. Convenience was the most popular cause for students who applied at Hannaford. Only two of the 70 responses stated this reason outright, but there were many others that fell under the same category such as, “Close to home, good place to work…Was hiring” and, “It was a place close to home and was hiring.” The availability of jobs, combined with the accessibility for students, makes Hannaford one of the most convenient locations to work at in the St. Albans area.

Andrew Koval (’21), a BFA St. Albans student employee at Hannaford, said, “I love working at Hannaford. It was really easy for me to get the job, and it’s pretty close to home, plus everyone there is really nice. They’re also good about schedules. If I needed the weekend off, and I forgot to request it off, they’re usually nice about it, and they find someone to cover my shift.”

Hannaford is a great place to work because it is convenient in its location in addition to being flexible with scheduling hours.