Human Services’ Holiday Food Drive


A donation box for the Human Services’ food drive. Photo credit: Larissa Hebert

Brooke Holland, Writer

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 21, Human Services in the Northwest Career and Technical Center hosted a food drive for people in need. Human Services is a program offered by NCTC for juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing careers that work with mental health, education, counseling, social work and substance abuse. 

According to Human Services teacher Jennifer Konrad, “As [an eleventh grader] you can take a course in human development, and then go out and learn more about development, all from birth [until]… the end of your life, and see all the jobs and careers that relate to that… Senior year we establish a career path, and then you get to have a few internships related to whatever field you’re looking to get into.” 

The Human Services’ Holiday Food Drive has been at BFA since Dec. 2019, originating from Jordyn Johnson (‘22). 

“Last year, in the month of December, I did a bulletin board about hunger and about raising awareness [about] the struggles people can face… [Johnson (‘22)]… started the [Human Services] food drive for the first year… [collecting] about 200 pounds of food,” Konrad said. 

Human Services is aiming to reach a minimum of 300 pounds of food donations. To achieve this goal, boxes were placed throughout the main school entrances for easy donation access among students and adults. Human Services also advertised their food drive of the daily announcements.

The Mercury has reached out to Konrad to find out if they met this year’s goal and will post this information as it becomes available.