Girl’s Best Friend by Ryann Campbell (’22)

Ryann Campbell, Contributor

Some may think a diamond is a girl’s best friend.

Others may think along other lines,

say, a furry companion.



There are many furry companions to choose from, 

like a cat, or even a rabbit.

But what about the classic companion?

A dog, but not just any dog,

your dog. 

Your dog, who stays beside your side

twenty-four seven. 

Who is always there to cheer you up.

Who has the softest coat to calm you down.

Who keeps you safe everywhere you go. 


Finding the right companion can be tricky.

Choosing one from a litter of puppies is nearly impossible,

but eventually you find the one with the smallest difference,

from a rolly poley belly, to having all the energy in the world.

Once you pick the one,

they stay by your side,

through thick and thin.

They don’t care

as long as they have their best friend by their side.