Should Video Games be Remastered and Redesigned?

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Jamison Lamotte, Contributor

There is always that one game that you played as a kid, which you wish to play again yet aren’t able to because the game console it used to be played on you don’t have, or you don’t have the disk.  However, how cool would it be if that game was redesigned on the current console you have?

On May 23, 2003, a survival horror game from a popular franchise called Silent Hill, made by Akira Yamaoka, came out with a new installation, Silent Hill 3, produced by the team known as Team Silent, a production group within Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, and published by Konami for PlayStation 2. I would love to see the game remastered, and redesigned in HD with new graphics, but I also love the original due to the nostalgia.  

Ever since I saw my brother play it for the first time back when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I have been enthralled with the franchise. I would enjoy seeing it get redesigned with newer graphics to see what it would look like with the newer technology. Many old games that are around the PlayStation 2 era have been redesigned. An example is Shadow of The Colossus, which came out Oct. 18, 2005 and was produced by Team ICO. It got redesigned into a PlayStation 4 game in 2017. Both games are recognized in their original PlayStation 2 consoles, with both receiving heavy praise, being rated 8/10 or higher on gaming sites or magazines such as, or Metacritic, giving a lot of nostalgia to former players of either game. Some tend to argue that they would rather have the original than a redesigned or remastered version. I think that all games should have a chance to be redesigned but still have the original to remember where it started.

With some retro gamers alike, they would want games like Silent Hill 3 to stay in its original production. A possible complaint is former gamers wouldn’t have the same feeling of playing the game as they once did when they were younger. There is a possibility of rooms that one might remember from the original game being removed or changed or the chance of possible controller changes, which can be rather upsetting and annoying. I can definitely agree with those irritations, but I see it as an opportunity to possibly explore new places that they put into the game, with even new little secrets that can tease the original game or even the previous or older games, which brings in so many cool ideas if it were to get redesigned.

With many gamers’ ideas in mind and advancements in technology being made, it is understandable to be worried about one of your favorite games from childhood being remade and possibly be a bit different from what you remember it being. However, if you are skeptical, maybe see a trailer of the game, and if you’d like to see it further advanced, then play the game to try or see if you can ask a friend who may have gotten it and played it and ask them what they think of the game. Keep an open mind, and maybe you will take a new liking, similar to how you are trying to experience the game like it is your first time playing. When I was talking to my friend Jack about this subject, he brought up a good example as he thought of the redesign of Resident Evil 2, with the original being produced, Jan. 21, 1998, for the PlayStation 2. The redesign of the single player horror game came out on Jan. 25 2019. He expressed how different it was to what he remembered it being, with the new controls, and the dialogue more produced. He had his pros and cons, but he agreed with me, where he loved the remake, but still expressed fondness for the game when he first played it on the PlayStation 2.

With people’s different thoughts and ideas of games from their childhood being redesigned or not, it could depend on the person and the game which is being redesigned.  However, the remake of Silent Hill 3 would still be amazing, but I would still like the original on the PlayStation 2. Please do tell me what game from your childhood you would like to see be redesigned if you had the chance to make that happen.