BFA’s Baseball Dynasty

BFA’s 2019 Varsity Boys’ Baseball Team Photo credit:

Matthew Gonyeau, Contributor

For some Bellows Free Academy student-athletes, the spring sports season is an amazing time to look forward to. The spring sports season holds many sports like track and field, lacrosse and baseball. The BFA baseball program is able to put three different teams together every year. Although the program has multiple teams, the program has not been in a championship game since 2012 and hasn’t won a state championship since 1952. Although BFA has not been in a championship game in nine years, the next couple of years looks very promising for this program. 

In 2019, the spring sports season was canceled due to the Covid – 19 pandemic. There was a very large senior class last year with experience in the playoffs. If there was a season, BFA might have had a chance at winning a championship.  Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to that question. The varsity team this year, although not already assembled, shows promise. There are going to be at least three seniors, Christan Vallee, Noah Place and Dylan White, on the team. Each of these players has played two years of BFA baseball and has had some experience in the playoffs. Therefore, they will be great leaders and help mold the younger players on how to make a deep run into the playoffs. 

The 2022 class will most likely make up most of the varsity team for the next two years. There are 17 players that were on the junior varsity team as freshmen that are all eligible to make the varsity team. Some of these players consist of Zach Smith, Brady Griffin, Matthew Gonyeau, Peyton Graham, Aiden Savoy, etc. The large junior class this year gives BFA an advantage because, even if they can not win a championship in 2021, they will gain experience and be ready for 2022. 

Although the underclassmen this year may not be as large as the junior class, they still provide the team with lots of talent.  Players like Cole Woodland, Liam Wood and Issac Gatton would be on the team for the next 3 years. This will give the underclassmen lots of experience on what it is like playing in the regular season and the playoffs. The underclassmen will also have the seniors and juniors that are already on the team this year.  They can give these players advice on what to do in certain situations, which will make them better players. 

Every dynasty needs three things: experience, youth and the will to win. The BFA baseball team has all three of these qualities. They have a very young core that has lots of depth everywhere around the baseball field, they have experience in the playoffs with their seniors and they have the will to win. This could lead to the first dynasty in BFA baseball history.