A New Club for a New World


Students working on the Multimedia Club projects. Photo credit: Flavie Lamat

Flavie Lamat, Contributor

The Multimedia Club opened this year at Bellows Free Academy. The club is supervised by Steven Davis who teaches Digital Media Production in the Northwest Career and Technical Center.  It is in a “lab” where passionate people use technology to improve their talents and skills.

Davis said, “It’s a wide-open club, meaning there’s no set curriculum or projects; it’s student-driven. So whatever the student comes in with-any interests that they have and they want to work on- if I have the equipment or software, I try to accommodate and get them set up so they can start working.” 

The members meet every Monday from 3-4 p.m. in B102B in the Technical Center. Students don’t have the obligation to come, they come when they have a project that they want to work on. 

The club puts students in touch with any type of technology.  An illustrator, singer, videographer or photographer can find interest in this club and can develop their skills by practicing and using technology with the support and help from Davis if needed. Davis has cameras, computers, microphones, graphic tablets and a lot of other technologic equipment. Members have access to special applications like the Adobe Suite (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, etc.).  

Davis considers himself as a facilitator more than a teacher because his role in the club is to give guidance to the student with what they come in and to help them with the technology.  Davis said, “I see myself as a mix of facilitator tech troubleshooter…because I’ve worked as a tech integration specialist for 10 years at BFA.” 

This club is a “promise” for the student’s future in our world that doesn’t stop using more and more technology. It gives a lot of keys to the members to succeed in the art of tomorrow by exploring this technologic world without end that Davis defines as “infinite.”