The Comets are Back

The Comets prepare for their first game. Photo credit:

Rachel Needleman, Writer

When Governor Scott gave the green light to move into phase three of high school sports, the Bellows Free Academy girls’ ice hockey Comets began to prepare for their first game, which will be against the Essex Hornets this Saturday at 7 p.m. at Collins Perley.  Because of Covid-19, the Comets have missed out on much of their season, getting back on the ice for practices Jan. 5th, rather than the usual start time after Thanksgiving break. 

Head Coach Luke Cioffi spoke on the effect Covid has had on his team.  “Covid has impacted our team positively because we got to work on a lot of skills at the beginning of the year…[although it’s definitely] a different look…in terms of a team [we’re] coming together well,” Cioffi said.

Calla Bourdeau (‘22) also spoke about the other positive effects Covid has had on this team.  “It helped make us all flexible and ready to deal with any adversity this season can bring.”

Since the Comets have been on the ice practicing for the month, patiently waiting to hear news on a game, when Scott announced the green light, it was thrilling for the team to hear.  Assistant Coach Jeff Rouleau said, “I’m excited to see what our potential is against other teams in competition because we’re playing hard against each other, but it’s going to be neat to see where we measure up when it comes to other teams.” 

Rouleau added his view on the Comets’ upcoming game against Essex, mentioning how the “[it will be a] good measuring stick as to where we’re at.”

With more games to come on the Comets’ schedule, Assistant Coach Chelsea Ellis mentioned that “we’ll look good,” and “[all] the things that we’ve put a lot of emphasis on, on the small skills with passing, shooting and talking, we’re preparing ourselves to go into [the games].”

Although the team never knows what may happen with Covid, Coach Rouleau said he is “Hopeful [the Comets are] able to continue with the positive attitude and the strong effort that we’ve seen to start the season.” 

Tune into Northwest Access TV to watch the puck drop live this Saturday at 7 p.m.