Class of 2023 T-Shirt Fundraiser


From left Genevieve LaClair (’23), Austin Wagner (’23), Sierra Yates (’23) and Charlotte Pierce (’23) Photo credit: Jenny Parent

Adelyne Collin, Writer

Currently, the sophomore Student Council is selling t-shirts as a class fundraiser. With the assistance of Jennifer Parent (the class adviser) and Kevin Smith Sports, the sophomore Student Council began designing, making and, as of Jan. 28, selling these t-shirts for $20 each. 

Charlotte Pierce, a member of the Executive Council of the sophomore class said, “The sales have been steady, but there are still some left if anyone is still interested in buying one.”

There are still shirts available for purchase, and sales will continue until there are no more left. Kevin Smith Sports has been a great help to the process of making these shirts, with the sophomore class having the t-shirts printed and made there. 

The ‘23 logo design on the front, colors used in the logo and color choice of the shirt itself were all created by members of the sophomore Student Council.  In future years, if BFA is able to host another pep-rally, the class of ‘23 would ideally wear these shirts to display their pride and unity as a class.  

“Sophomore class shirts a[re] a way to raise money for our prom, while also making something that unites the entire sophomore class,” Pierce said.  Jennifer Parent also believes that this method of fundraising will unify the class of ‘23.

Raising money for the school has become increasingly harder with COVID-19, but the sophomore class has been creative as they strive to be in a good position financially for prom.